Work in Progress:

This is stuff I have been working on for a couple of weeks or more.  They seem to be evolving towards something decent!

My Gerhard Richter flow painting has arrive (reproduction from Serpentine Gallery, not original from the Marian Goodman Gallery !). Wonderful mix of fluid colour on aluminium.  This has inspired me to move forwards on my own 'flow' work - see Modern Abstraction section.

There is something visceral and fundamental about our relationship with trees.  A bank of trees outside Kenwood House, their branches fracturing a solid blue sky, is the inspiration here.  The work is at an early stage, and I want to inject a strong geometric and sculptural sense into this oil painting.  The work is titled "Kenwood - Early Spring"



Figures and faces are never far from my mind.  I have been playing with laying down polychromatic fields of colour across the canvas and then stepping back to see what reveals itself.  In one case, a dancer striking a pose and in the other, a self portrait.