Welcome to My Website (last update 17 November 2016). 

Great opening to ING Discerning Eye 2016 - their 25th anniversary show. On at the Mall Gallery until 27 November 2016.

'Nunhead Cemetery' and 'Autumn leads to Spring' are on exhibition 17-27 November 2016 at the Mall Gallery.  

Nunhead Cemetery Oil on Board 40x30cm 2015 (Selected by Sacha Craddock)

Autumn leads to Spring. Oil painted board mounted on glazed aluminium. 50x40cm 2016 
(Selected by Celia Imrie)

This one was also entered, but not selected. 

Tangles 31 x 23 cm  Watercolour  May 2016

Another two paintings submitted earlier to the Sunday Time Watercolour competition are shown here.

Denys Lasdun's NT  21 x 30 cm  Watercolour June 2016

Break for the front 27 x 27 cm  Watercolour  January 2016

The 'Drawing London' show at the Street Gallery, UCLH Euston Road London NW1 2BU which finished on  27 April 2016 was a success. Very good turnout for the PV and continued steady interest after.

"Broken Flags" (oil) and "Growing Together" (watercolour) were both on show there:

Spent a cool rainy day in April with Sky Arts filming their latest series 'Landscape Artist of the Year' at Waddesdon Manor, the National Trust property in Buckinghamshire, and formally home of Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild. I was one of their 'wild card' entrants.  Tai Shan Schierenberg liked the contrasting tones of the foreground statues and the sunlit house in the background, Kate Bryan commented on the use of colour ("Blue roofs!") and Kathleen Soriano liked the energy of the horse fountain.

I like the Sky Artist of the Year series - it seems to pull in some really interesting artists and is well organised. It's always difficult to work under time pressure, especially with oils, but the competition is well run. Programme will be broadcast in the autumn - watch out for it!

My artist heroes are Patrick Heron, Peter Doig and Gerhard Richter (amazing results at the Feb 2015 Contemporary Art auction at Sothebys).  More recently, I came across the work of Paul Feiler, a German refugee from the war who settled in St Ives in the 1950s and died in 2013 at the age of 95 still painting evocative and interesting work.

David Hockney says landscape is all about space and distance. I have tried to capture this in this work. It's a piece about the passage of time, and I wanted to call it Heraclitus (because he is the Greek philosopher who said you can't step into the same river twice), but I thought that might sound pretentious, so now it is simply called "Cannot step twice".

I work predominantly in oils and watercolour, the latter being good for plein aire painting.  My studio is in Belsize ParkFor the latest news from my Belsize Park studio see Twitter @bill_Aldridge

'Breaking the Siege', inspired by fantastic photo catching the moment the siege of the Paris supermarket was broken is now finished. Turneresque colourfields silhouetting the police in their riot gear.

Breaking the Siege (Oil 2015)

I have recently spent a lot of time driving up and down the M4;so this is one of my latest works (see more at Work in Progress)

Driving the M4  (Oil 2015)

I love London, particularly for its public transport.  You never know who you might see!

Bill Nighy on the Northern Line  (Ink and wash  2015)

I enjoy portraiture; here's a double portrait oil sketch done on a one day workshop with Tim Benson. (See more at Portraits)

Good Friends  (Oil 2014)

I recently completed a watercolour for the RWS Contemporary of the Imperial War Museum illustrating the fading military influence of Britain in today's world.

Imperium  (Watercolour 2015)

One of my most recent work, 'Comes with River View - Narbonne 2014'. This work was inspired by a view glimpsed from the TGV as it approached Narbonne in Southern France.

Comes with River View  (Oil 2014)

I read Julian Barnes "Levels of Life" which inspired this ballooning painting.


  I could hear myself living   (oil  2013)

No particular source of inspiration here - the image just appealed to me.  It grew out of playing with creating a textured circle within plain background!


 Dark Side   (oil 2013)